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Driving around in Moscow

If you have ever considered booking a tour to Moscow you should get acquainted with the mentality behind driving in the heart of the city. Driving around Moscow can be an extremely grueling and slow process for those that are clueless. The majortiy of driving rules and regulations that are common sense in other countries are completely ignored here. A common, and very dangerous example, is red lights. In Moscow most people will stop at red lights but some will ignore them and keep going, this can result in collisions, pedestrians should triple check before crossing any road as they are most at risk.

Cars very rarely stay in a lane for too long and they often switch lanes and sometimes even travel between lanes. Daring maneuvers are also taken to avoid potholes at all costs; there are quite a few pot holes on the roads of Moscow. Drivers are much more aggressive and inconsiderate when it comes to giving way to others. The best way to switch into another lane is to force yourself in. Much like the metro signs around Moscow, the road signs are mostly posted in Cyrillic. The more the visitor is familiarized with Cyrillic the better their navigation is going to be. More information is on travel site www.tourtorussia.com.au

In Russia the GIBDD, Russia's traffic police, can stop drivers at any time and ask for documentation. Unlike in Western countries this can happen even if the driver has not been seen in an accident. The GIBDD can issue a fine for infringements, such as not having a fire extinguisher or a first aid kit and not wearing any seat belts. Even though it is compulsory for the driver and all passengers to wear seat belts, most do not. Some important rules on the Moscow roads include U turns being illegal on most streets and priority is always given to the right side of the traffic.

Furthermore, visitors should be mindful that it is quite common for Russian people to buy their license even if they are not qualified or responsible on the road. The only worse scenario than driving on the streets of Moscow is driving on the streets of Moscow during winter. Cars are required to be equipped with studded tyres as the winter roads a covered in ice and snow. These driving conditions are considered to be extremely dangerous for people that have had no prior experience driving in northern climates. If this method of transportation is too much for you then why not travel with the trans-Siberian railway. You will get to your destination very quickly without having to worry about traffic or collisions.


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